Friday, October 28, 2011

What Faith Can Do

Faith can move mountains! It can open doors and close them in a matter of seconds, days or hours. It's all a matter of timing! I have seen God's timing really well over the last few months. I get excited every time I see God move again. The song by Kutlas, What Faith Can Do, I have showcased before but maybe someone missed it. You should not miss it! *lol* Although I have not had much time to blog because I have been working, driving to or from work, or school finals this past week, I do not wish to let anyone think that God is not alive and well in my life. He is definitely been working overtime. I had a place in Michigan fall through in a matter of 2 days and then a place open up in New Castle, In. I had the key to the place within 4 hours even though I had no money down. The landlord didn't as for references. I would not have had any. The electric department didn't ask for a deposit. And until I can get the gas on, I have an electric skillet and an electric heater that heats the quaint house. God is soooo good! Then I found out yesterday or the day before (my days have been running together) that Grace Bible School is sending me an official YOU ARE ACCEPTED letter to their online courses and that in the past there was not the business/ministry major online but NOW there is starting when I start. So the three years done at Phoenix will not have been in vain even though I need and desire the ministry certificate as well. I will only have 50 credits to finish out with Grace even though I thought it would be more. Which may be why God wanted me to GO to Grace but not MOVE to the campus. lol Either way, I am game. But the place He has provided to live in is adorable and the best little country oasis.

Now I am looking for what faith can do in the form of a JOB CLOSER TO MY NEW HOME. I would like at least 9 bucks an hour to start. I need benefits (like who does not?) and I need the gas to be able to be turned on. Oh yeah and God gave me a bed for 25 every other week til it is paid off. brand new. :) yeah! Now off to work. Please don't pass up the song! It's awesome!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

God's Love & Grace

I think I have fallin in love with the words to this song. Dara MacLean has got some strong pipes and she uses them for God. I can't wait to get my music ministry degree. I know some may think I have kinda lost my pump because I have had less time to write in my blogs. But I have a 53 hour week coming up at work as well as this last week was pretty hectic. I am chased by God and He will move the universe to allow me to get a place in Michigan in His time so I can get into classes by January 9th. I am STILL looking forward to this time to be at Grace Bible College. Thank you everyone for all your prayers. I definitely still need those prayers.

A FEW THANK YOUS: GOD is AWESOME! My family has been very loving and supportive of getting to Grace in Grand Rapids. I have had several blessings recently and one is my CAR INSURANCE being paid up til MARCH! SWEET! and then also God finally gave me a COUCH instead of the big bed I was in.

I do enjoy watching God move the universe just to prove to me that He loves me as I am and even in my sin he reaches down and gives me His grace and mercy. Can't get over it!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

God's Time

I am at a loss sometimes in this walk. I know my path now. I know where it leads. In two-ish months I will be in Michigan and I am getting into a crunch time where I am worried things just won't go the way I know they need to. There are so many things to be done and not enough time. And if I give notice at work for the first week in December I am at a loss if I do not get a job right away for paying on my truck. Should I wait til after Christmas? I have family I would wanna see on Christmas anyway... grrrr So frustrated. Please pray for me. I need so much prayer. I need to make the right timing decisions. I already know what the decision is. The when is what I am concerned about at the moment... Some of this song does not relate to me but much of it does. The CHORUS especially!!!! I'm needing God's bigger plan. Miracles happen in God's time.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Royal Heritage

It was only a matter of time before I talked about this. So, I am sure so many remember the last wedding of royalty that occurred in the first part of this year. How many stations shared the wedding? How many HOURS and DAYS were spent on the coverage of this royal wedding? Kate's beauty, the Prince's walk... The Queen of England's yellow outfit (ok..I am going to leave that alone) and it got me thinking about my own genealogy. Oh! You didn't know? I am royalty! But I ran away from home.

I was thinking of the prodigal son and how he had sold all he had just to live in the filth of pigs and eat the nasty leftovers from their slop. So many times believers in Christ do not consider themselves loved by the Father. If they did, would they really leave the castle as if running from all the richness that could have sustained them in hope and love and peace? I do not believe I understood the concepts of God's love for sure. I heard that story of the prodigal for years and thought: what was wrong with him that he would leave those who loved him and take all his money and gifts, talents and the home God had given him and go out and party with the in crowd until the money was blown and he had no where to go but the slop house... I didn't get it. And in my humanity I did the SAME thing.

I left my family with my talents of God and walked out on the love and care God had provided and wasted my time on earthly desires and the things of the world that could never compare to the riches I was turning away from. If you read the story of the prodigal son there are a few things that strike me as so AWESOME about the King (Father) that waits for His child to run back into His arms.

1. In verse 17 of chapter 15 in John the Bible states: "and when he came to his senses"... HAHAHAHA which would be to say, he was not thinking correctly. He was as my dad so lovingly put it a few years back, DELUSIONAL. So... The son had to come to his senses.

2. Later it says: "I will set out and go back to my father and say to him: Father, I have sinned against heaven and against you. So, yes, I had to do this to. I have asked many for forgiveness and if I missed you it is not intentional. Please message me.

3. He didn't just think it. He did something about it. in verse 20 it says: "So he got up and went to his father." - ACTIONS now happen!

4. The best part of the whole thing shows of God's love: "But while he was still a long way off, his father saw him and was filled with compassion for him; he ran to his son, threw his arms around him and kissed him." Did you get that??? The father was looking for the son's return! He saw him from a ways away. and HE WAS FILLED WITH COMPASSION. Not hate, regret, anger, shame... COMPASSION. I am not negating that God cannot look on sin. But on the sinner God has compassion!

5. Not only did the Father see him from afar have compassion for him, he also RAN TO HIS SON, embraced him! He meets us as we come to Him. He does not make us walk the whole distance back to palace. He comes, meets us while we are traveling to Him and when He meets us there, he embraces us! What a WELCOME HOME!

6. It does not end. there is more: "Let’s have a feast and celebrate. For this son of mine was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found.’ So they began to celebrate. Was it anything like that big party that the Royal House in England had for the wedding there? Either way it must have been something huge because the other brother got pretty jealous.( I am not touching that in this blog - Thank the Lord I do not have family members like this. My brother and sister have been so wonderful in my return to the Lord and my earthly family.

It is such an awesome movement of God that goes on when someone finally comes to their senses. :) I see God's miracles in my life now more than ever and I thank Him so much for His grace and mercy in my life and for the blessing of my family. They are so precious.

*** If you are a child of the King, then you are royalty!!!! Doesn't that just make you excited!!!??? Ok, if you are not at least SMILING about it, then maybe you should come to YOUR senses ;) hehe