Monday, March 1, 2010

My Labyrinth

While walking the labyrinth of my mind
So much in my heart that I must decide
To the left or the right, a brand new course
My soul has longed for this journey to be free
I can hardly wait to see the real me
I will be all that I can be

I stand before the mirror of my soul
No one knows, but the 'me' inside
the depth of all that hides
I take this inner strength
and set a higher goal
I look to see a new me to be all that I can be

I walk the labyrinth of my dreams
I notice they are bursting at their seems
So much I want to be; I have denied
But now the light shines brighter, it cannot hide
This new knowledge I grasp tighter
I will be who I should be

I've walked this labyrinth before
My eyes were valed not seeing beyond the door
Now my soul awakes in time
to listen to a grander song, a new ryhm
A reason to the madness of my shunned past
and I grasp a higher knowledge; FREE AT LAST

(C) Karin-Rochelle Morris March 1st 2010

Monday, February 1, 2010

Reprise to the Moon (C)

The beauty and grace
as you hang there
the light in your eyes
as you shine
the tribute I make now
to your glowing aura
you certainly brighten
my nights

you crest and wane
and turn the tides
you hang in place
suspended in space
to delight and enlighten
I live for such moments
to stand in your presence
once more.

(C) Reprise to the Moon
By Karin-Rochelle 2-1-2010

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Introduction of a Vampyre Goddess

My name is Kachina. I am a witch AND a vampyre. I was born in Ireland and I live in the moment. Every moment. My writings are under the name of Karin-Rochelle. She is my other persona. The writer in me. I have so much to share with whoever wishes to hear tales (echoes) of the past. My first book is Echoes of Emilee. Emilee is my mother. She is a goddess and a vampyre. Don't even ask me how THAT happened! You can read all about her death and rebirth in my accurate detailed book. Now that the introductions are out of the way, I would like to tell you of this vampyre vixen of old that seems to have gotten under my skin... Damn her! Well, she is damned. Maebh. Yes, she is old world. She has been around the world a time or two. And she seems to think I have this thing for her. Maybe I do... But the problem is, I have a feeling she is keeping some very important information from me. More on it later... I hear my cat, Star, wishing for more attention. Yes, a vampyre owns a cat. I couldn't pass her up because that star on her forehead reminded me of a stallion's magnificent markings! And she was homeless... No. I won't turn her into a vamp-cat. That would be disastrous! Can you imagine a blood thirsty cat? Goddess help us all if we had that kind of creation among the living and the dead!