Monday, March 1, 2010

My Labyrinth

While walking the labyrinth of my mind
So much in my heart that I must decide
To the left or the right, a brand new course
My soul has longed for this journey to be free
I can hardly wait to see the real me
I will be all that I can be

I stand before the mirror of my soul
No one knows, but the 'me' inside
the depth of all that hides
I take this inner strength
and set a higher goal
I look to see a new me to be all that I can be

I walk the labyrinth of my dreams
I notice they are bursting at their seems
So much I want to be; I have denied
But now the light shines brighter, it cannot hide
This new knowledge I grasp tighter
I will be who I should be

I've walked this labyrinth before
My eyes were valed not seeing beyond the door
Now my soul awakes in time
to listen to a grander song, a new ryhm
A reason to the madness of my shunned past
and I grasp a higher knowledge; FREE AT LAST

(C) Karin-Rochelle Morris March 1st 2010

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