Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wanted: Dirty Cars

WANTED: DIRTY CARS!!! That was the sign that I passed today for a super car wash. It made me look at my truck and want to weep. You know it cost 20 bucks for 4 tokens. bet ya anything them tokens will last me 2 washes. I cannot do it. I know my pretty silver truck looks a bit gray and salted from the great work that the trucks have been doing lately on the roads but...let's just face it... The moment I get through that wonderful car wash and drive out onto the salted road I am just going to cake it on again. There is no point until spring. I am sure you are wondering what kind of Spiritual take I could possibly have on the car wash. Well a few things. First off I need a spiritual car wash for my walking temple and sometimes I let it just cake on the grime and the salt from the roads of life. It does not take 4 tokens for 20 bucks to get my temple clean either! lol All it takes is me asking God to cleanse me of the filth and forgive my insecurities and doubt that like all people I go through on a daily basis. Just wanted to share with everyone who needs a 'car wash' that God's Word is free to read and His ear is just a breath away. Love you all. Have a great weekend.Enjoy Skillet: Don't wait to long for your car wash ;)

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