Friday, October 28, 2011

What Faith Can Do

Faith can move mountains! It can open doors and close them in a matter of seconds, days or hours. It's all a matter of timing! I have seen God's timing really well over the last few months. I get excited every time I see God move again. The song by Kutlas, What Faith Can Do, I have showcased before but maybe someone missed it. You should not miss it! *lol* Although I have not had much time to blog because I have been working, driving to or from work, or school finals this past week, I do not wish to let anyone think that God is not alive and well in my life. He is definitely been working overtime. I had a place in Michigan fall through in a matter of 2 days and then a place open up in New Castle, In. I had the key to the place within 4 hours even though I had no money down. The landlord didn't as for references. I would not have had any. The electric department didn't ask for a deposit. And until I can get the gas on, I have an electric skillet and an electric heater that heats the quaint house. God is soooo good! Then I found out yesterday or the day before (my days have been running together) that Grace Bible School is sending me an official YOU ARE ACCEPTED letter to their online courses and that in the past there was not the business/ministry major online but NOW there is starting when I start. So the three years done at Phoenix will not have been in vain even though I need and desire the ministry certificate as well. I will only have 50 credits to finish out with Grace even though I thought it would be more. Which may be why God wanted me to GO to Grace but not MOVE to the campus. lol Either way, I am game. But the place He has provided to live in is adorable and the best little country oasis.

Now I am looking for what faith can do in the form of a JOB CLOSER TO MY NEW HOME. I would like at least 9 bucks an hour to start. I need benefits (like who does not?) and I need the gas to be able to be turned on. Oh yeah and God gave me a bed for 25 every other week til it is paid off. brand new. :) yeah! Now off to work. Please don't pass up the song! It's awesome!

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