Sunday, October 16, 2011

God's Love & Grace

I think I have fallin in love with the words to this song. Dara MacLean has got some strong pipes and she uses them for God. I can't wait to get my music ministry degree. I know some may think I have kinda lost my pump because I have had less time to write in my blogs. But I have a 53 hour week coming up at work as well as this last week was pretty hectic. I am chased by God and He will move the universe to allow me to get a place in Michigan in His time so I can get into classes by January 9th. I am STILL looking forward to this time to be at Grace Bible College. Thank you everyone for all your prayers. I definitely still need those prayers.

A FEW THANK YOUS: GOD is AWESOME! My family has been very loving and supportive of getting to Grace in Grand Rapids. I have had several blessings recently and one is my CAR INSURANCE being paid up til MARCH! SWEET! and then also God finally gave me a COUCH instead of the big bed I was in.

I do enjoy watching God move the universe just to prove to me that He loves me as I am and even in my sin he reaches down and gives me His grace and mercy. Can't get over it!

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