Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sometimes the Storm Persists read that statement right. Sometimes the storm will keep on going. It does not mean that God has stopped loving me. It does not mean that He will not comfort in the middle of my trials. He is Holy, even if He does not rescue me. I put myself in a precarious situation. I have not denied that I have made a mess. And while I have prayed that God will help me to get out of it... Sometimes the answer is not the way I think it should be. I know that it will all work out. In the middle of this wreck of my life where I have dumped myself into a really large hole, I know that God sees me looking up. I know he sees my broken heart and my contrite spirit. And I really believe at this point, He wants me to praise Him even though I feel lost and helpless. I know I am not lost. I know I am in His hands. Sometimes He does not step in and 'save the day'. There are consequences when we do not do what He requests, when He requests. That does not prove Him unholy. It just proves me unworthy until His love covers me. He hears my cries. Like David, I have had to turn to Him after sinning against Him. His mercy covers my every stain. Now I wait on Him and in the waiting I will lift my hands and recognize HE IS THE I AM. I will praise Him in THIS storm.

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