Friday, September 16, 2011

Real Love

Tonight I have seen more exposure of false love, false hope, false security, false pretenses, false reality all at one table spilling out of one mouth. I do not say all this to judge anyone. I just have NEVER paid attention to how other people speak of love, hope, security, and the reality in everyday life. It is so sad as one person states that he will 'get her if he wants her'. He gloats of his looks and his status in the military and how it is what it is and he will have what he wants. Certainly it saddens my heart to hear such gloating. But MORE it hurts my heart that ladies and girls WILL fall for his lies, his looks and be damaged by his hands and his words as he leaves each of them with less self respect. But whose fault is it really? How many times has a woman just sat back and enjoyed the flirting and the looks of admiration and delighted in the attention of a liar? I am not above it! I have been the receiver of this kind of attention. And I have in turn been left to feel empty when the party was over. Why do we do it? Why do we think that we are SO DESPERATE for attention that we would fall into this trap of the devil.
Okay, so here it is...In church a few weeks ago, the pastor told a story about TRUE LOVE; REAL LOVE.
A woman was so busy living on every man's attention based on how she dressed and how she felt when others paid attention to her. He asked he WHY she dressed that way. She stated that she enjoyed the attention. It made her feel loved, special, adored. Then is the great part. The pastor asks how much righteousness GOD has within Him. The woman, a believer in Christ, stated that God is ALL righteousness. SO the pastor says: On a scale of 100% being FULL/ALL righteousness and 0% being none, what percent of righteousness is God? She says...Well, 100%, of course!
The pastor then asks, so out of 100% righteousness, when God says He has imputed HIS righteousness into you when you became a child of His, what percentage did he impute? She says: ALL of it. Then, the best part of the whole story that changed how I look at myself: "If God has imputed 100% of His righteousness within you, how can you feel WORTHLESS? You can't get more righteous than 100%. No one's compliments and eyes of affection are going to top God's 100% correct?"
And this is what it comes down to...whether I was partially the blame for the date rape that happened to me or not, it made me feel like trash. I felt worthless. And because I did not tell the people that loved me and could have helped me through it, I lived in regret and blame. The only time I could feel appreciated was if I was being complimented or living for the next guy's attention.
What about now? After that story I realize that it does not change the 100% righteousness of God that was imputed into me when Christ saved me. I do not NEED approval of anyone to make me feel pretty, loved, appreciated, adored. God loves me more than any person on this earth could ever love me. Who in this world could impute 100% righteousness into YOU? Do you feel worthless even though you are a child of the King of all creation? I pray that you will see God as I see Him now: Savior, friend, fortress...We all need a savior. But no earthly person can BE OUR SAVIOR not a human that lifts us up in false admiration, giving us false hope...A Savior. Who is your Savior?

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