Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Open Doors: When God Says Yes!

Psalms 37 is an awesome chapter. Actually God has directed my attention many times this last few days to verse 5. "Commit your way to the Lord, trust in Him and He will act." This verse is all about ACTION. My action and THEN His. Many people, including myself first and foremost do this whole 'word vomit' thing(read previous article entitled 'Word Vomit') where we say we love God and we want Him to bless us continually. And yes His favor falls on the just and the unjust -as the Bible states-BUT His promises are there for His children. You know, the promises of never leave or forsake, or be with me in times of need, or take care of what I will eat or wear...those types of things are taken care of. But even MORE SO when you have done what this verse states:
1.) Commit my way to the Lord.
2.) Trust in Him

I saw God in ACTION TODAY! I was so excited. I know God wants me in Grace Bible College but I was kind of frustrated because I had been told that I was 'too old' for dorm life. It was alright. I like my space anyway. But any other option of renting my own place? ha! No. Financially I have already walked into enough messes. So, then after talking with the woman in charge of campus living, she emailed me a few ideas. I called the second one. I was so excited and so was she because NO ONE had contacted her regarding the opportunity of the housing that she was offering. WHY? I believe it is because GOD IS AWESOME! I Committed my way to the Lord, Trusted Him and He then ACTED on His PROMISE to provide for His child.

The song that keeps coming to mind is one that annoyed me the first time I heard it. I thought...ewwww it sounds like a kids song for Vacation Bible School! And so then God scolded my thought. "If you would have just followed with that child like faith before then a lot of stuff would be moot right now. Listen to the words. I'm talking to you." lol So...yeah. Nothing like being chastised by God but then it was so delightful to see his promises in action. Daily I see the provisions but this is one of those major doors that needed to be opened in order for me to get to that specific college.

So, without further ado... John Waller, YES He does not just sit back and watch us flail around. Once you commit your way to Him, He makes a way even when it seems there is NONE. Sometimes it is lonely with all the changes. But there is delight in seeing God working in me and around me. There are times when God says YES. I am taking Him at His Word.
I wrote this prayer last night before my answer of provision today came:
God, you say to commit my way to you and trust in you and you will act. All I am asking for is you to fulfill your promise to me. Then in another verse you say WAIT. Aghhhhhhhhhhh God, I don't want to wait. I live in a microwave world--- popcorn in under three minutes--- a movie from red box in an instant--- direct deposit --- instant mash potatoes and drive thru within two minutes once at the window (except for at Arby's ha!) But you want me to be still and WAIT? grrrr. Ok. But do I have to like it????
Then today happened. He loves me. He loved me yesterday when I was asking Him to pick me up and place me where He has told me many times that He wants me. It is relevant to my daily living this verse. And this song. The words are so basic SO BIBLE. I need that. Back to the basics ;) Back to my first love.

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