Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Never Be

There is a song that me and my dad use to sing in church. It talks of how there is never a heart so wounded that God cannot piece it together. There is never a sinner that God cannot forgive and douse with His love and grace. Seems like we make our own rules on if God will forgive one sin over another. I believe there is a sin unto death as the Scripture states. But I am glad I did not find it. Now another thought on this is that we have to die to sin daily. And I will not lie. This dying to self is a struggle.
A friend reminded me today that tears flow at night and joy comes in the morning. I am not dead. I have a new life in Christ. Sometimes I may feel like I am at my wits end but only because I get emotionally caught up in all my feelings. God is bigger than all of this.
It seems like God has been brought me full circle now. I have this soul desire to be used the right way for him. There is so much I have been involved with and of the world. After talking to my ex-husband, it has come to my attention that I need some more divine perspective and guidance...In all thy ways acknowledge HIM and HE will direct your paths... I need much directing. *LOL* Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly....but his delight is in the Law of the Lord... Yes, much direction. Aghhhh this is going to be an interesting ride. Who would like some prophetic art? (oh yes, it works because it is God focused and God driven not self seeking like the tarot cards that I have just made a commitment to give up.) I cannot find a scripture reference that says it is WRONG to read tarot. But I can find reference of God's direction in my life to follow a bigger plan that does not need these cards to be the focus. And therefore... I will acknowledge HIM not the cards and even more than I have been I will commit it to my Spirit. I know it is shocking for many of my readers to know that I have been involved in tarot cards but listen, I have been involved in many things that have taken me away from the heart of God and this blogging experience is to allow people to see how God can bring me back. I am a sinner that is redeemed by the same blood that redeems you. And I have come out of a lot. It was just a matter of time before God got that habit of mine too ;)
Oh listen to this song! It is so awesome!

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