Monday, September 26, 2011

His affections for me are more pure than earthly affections

So much more are His affections for me. Oh how He loves me. It is what I hold onto with a death grip right now in my moments of despair. I am mourning so many losses in my life right now but such beautiful gains as well. Right now I must be like a tree planted by rivers of His waters. and as the storms weigh down, I know that my roots reach deep into the ground to not be blown down in this hurricane I am going through. My emotions are raw and I am bewildered by what some people define love is. How did I have such a loose definition of it myself in the past!!!??? Deluded. I had diluted the saving message and mercy of Christ. I am so glad He loves me even in my humanness. "Don't have time to maintain these regrets" me God with my thoughts and my grief weighs down so heavy sometimes and I just need to be held in your arms. Continue to show me this love. Your love.

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