Friday, September 2, 2011

Filling a Void

One of my friends stated that if more people would fill the void with God when they lost a loved one that there would be less anguish in their lives. Not to say the suffering and mourning would not be there, but that their help from God in being a comforter would make it easier on them in the time of need.

I lost a special friend to congestive heart failure in March. Elaine was so tender and kindhearted. When I had nothing, she gave what she could to help. She also gave me a huge Christmas gift last year (my book being self published). It is not those gifts that I miss. It is her attitude of caring. Just a 'how are you doing?' can make such a difference in the life of someone who is going through a difficult time. Not the "How are you doing? Hey great to see you! Let's catch up sometime..." As your walking away from the person.

I recently broke up with my lover of 2 1/2 years. That person was my lifeline for that time. A friend I went to when I needed a hug, someone to talk to, someone to listen. That relationship was always the center focus in my mind. God took second place.

When I acted on the call of God to separate myself from the relationship a big void was put in it's place. And emotional turmoil set camp in my heart and loneliness started to pick at my insides.

I have been reading Psalms since day one of the separation and I know if I had not been plugging into God's word and encouragement from Godly counsel, that the void would be bigger than it is.

A song that comes to mind for this situation is Toby Mac's, "I Was Made to Love You". It talks about how our purpose in life is to love God. And in loving God, I believe we focus on the right love of others.

Yet again, I must say, I am not downplaying love of the marrying kind. I am downing love of a selfish kind. If the relationship is founded and grounded in God then move where God wants with it. Just remember, if it is right, then GOD'S love will shine through in that relationship to because what we are made to do is love Him.

Dear Lord, as I learn to trust you more, as I learn to love as you love, I know you will fill the emotional void that is in my life right now with a song ever flowing from your heart to my mind. Amen.


  1. Karin, don't know how many times I listened to that song in the car thinking about you. Doesn't she know that she was created to love God and be loved by Him? Doesn't she know that I prayed for her before she was ever born and I dedicated her to Him when she was still in my womb? and that because of her father's past with drugs that she came to us as an answer to prayer and was perfect in every way? that it is God who has given her this gift of music-to sing beautifully and to play the guitar and to write in such a unique way as to communicate in song? There is no one who could love her more - than God himself.. He put it best in Psalm 139:14-18. Karin, you are a wonder!love, Mom ..

  2. Mom, thank you for your continued love and prayers. I love you and dad so much.