Monday, August 29, 2011

A Return to My First Love

Interesting that this is my first time being single in...oh my. *lol* 13 years! Yes, I have made a mockery of love and what I thought it was. As I read my ex-husband's blog, "Dating Detox" I realize that he is on to something very important. He may be shocked, but I must say, he has a great idea. Or actually, GOD does.

Recently, within the last few weeks, I have taken a new path...One I used to be on. To serve God use to be what I longed for. Then I strayed from my first Love. I am being as blunt as possible when I say that I am broken. I am the potter's clay in shards at His feet at the moment. But I KNOW my Lord forgives me of my past sins.

I have hurt many people in the last 13 years. My parents, my siblings, my ex's and now my best friend, all because of the most base of sins. Where it all began in the Garden of Eden...Selfishness.

Eve wanted what she should not have. She desired what God told her was not to be hers. She was selfish. Now I am not getting into who really was the one to bring sin into the world. I am just wanting to say that I realize my part in this sinful nature and I have taken what God told me not to. And now...well now I sit at the bottom of a well that I have landed in because of being unfaithful to my first Love.

Lately all of the scripture that I have been reading has been specific about God's steadfast love. It is so good to know that my First Love has not forgotten me, in fact, He has welcomed me back into His open arms and has showed me His love ten fold!

I can only pray that the stumbling block I have been in so many people's lives can be forgiven as I pray the Prayer of Jabez from now on in my life. I do not wish to cause pain to any. I am so happy to now come back to Jesus, broken relic that I am. I am His treasure and He loves me still with His steadfast Love.

Thank you for taking the time to read what is on my heart.


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